About Us

Brunswick Biltong was created from a love of Biltong as a kid running around in sunny Nelson with my friend who lived next door. The family was South African and I soon discovered they made a delicious beef snack in there garage called Biltong. I was instantly hooked and started to make some myself straight away.

After many years of making Biltong I moved to Melbourne Australia in a suburb called Brunswick. A work mate saw me munching away on a batch and asked to try some. He loved it and demanded I make him a batch. Brunswick Biltong was created.

I moved back to Nelson New Zealand after 4 years abroad and decided to take the business to the next  level creating a commercial kitchen and upgrading my production capabilities.

The product is something I am very proud of and have worked hard to get it tasting amazing. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy customer and I am always looking at different flavors to keep the taste buds flowing.


Brad Kay